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If you have any information about conditions or activity in the back country or If you have observed avalanche activity or been involved in an avalanche, please send your obeservations to us at Each month we'll pick the best contribution to win a prize from the Blue Toque Sport Swap.

ATES Trip Planning

If you have taken an Avalanche Skills Training One course you will have learned to use the Avaluator Trip Planner to cross reference the severity of terrain (ATES ratings) with the avalanche hazard ratings from the avalanche bulletin to plan your trips into the mountains in winter.

We, your forecasters at the Island Avalanche Bulletin, have started to do Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale (ATES) ratings for some of the more popular island trips. Click the links below to download the file for the trips you are interested in. If you do not see the trip that you are looking for please get in touch with us at We may have a file that we have been working on but have not uploaded yet and could email to you, or at least you may be prompting us to rate that trip next!

Here's what we've got so far:

Mount Becher - ATES Simple

Circlet/Moat Lake ATES Simple

Mount Albert Edward from Circlet Lake via Jutland Ramparts - ATES Challenging

Mount Myra - ATES Challenging

Mount Cain East Bowl - ATES Challenging/Complex

Mount Cain West Bowl - ATES Challenging/Complex

If you have not taken an AST1 course yet we suggest that you do. These ratings will be much more useful to you with that training. Click here for more information on avalanche courses.

Note 2016/12/15 - Mount Washington Alpine Resort (MWAR) has asked that we not promote access to TimberWest (TW) lands in the Mount Washington backcountry by posting ATES information which refers to access routes from the resort. This while MWAR sorts out the legalities of such access with TW. If you are planning to travel into these areas with access that is not through the resort and have permission to be on the TW lands, please contact us for the ATES documents on this terrain.