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Skier triggered avalanche Mount Cain North Bowl Sunday 28 February, 2016.

March 1, 2016 at 10:16AM

A skier triggered a size two avalanche in the North Bowl at Mount Cain on Sunday 28 February, 2016. The avalanche took place in the upper North Bowl on a north aspect at about 1650 metres elevation to the north east of the top of the Cain Couloir. The skier was attempting to ski cut the slope and was not far from reaching the "safe spot" that had been identified on the far side of the ski cut when the slope released above the skier and dragged the skier into the avalanche. The slope angle was about 40 degrees on a convex role. The fracture line was about 50m wide and 15-25cm high and the slide ran for about 100m. The failure was described as a wind slab sitting on the pre storm crust surface. The skier described the visibility as having been poor making for an error in judgement about where to place the ski cut and ultimately being too low in the feature that slid. The skier was completely buried at two times during the descent in the avalanche but finished the ride with just one leg buried, no injuries and no equipment lost. The skier described the temperature as having risen somewhat during the day and had noted an increase in natural avalanche activity around the time of the incident.

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